Jason Harris committed 85d26c2

Allow cedit to work with .dotted properties like the following:
hg cedit -a "ui.ignore.other = /Users/jason/otherhgignore"
hg cedit -d "ui.ignore.other"

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     Sets option given in optstring in every path given in paths.
     Creates files, sections, and properties as needed.
-    match ="^([\w\-<>]+)\.([\w\-<>]+)\s*=\s*(.*)", optstring)
+    match ="^([\w\-<>]+)\.([\w\-<>\.]+)\s*=\s*(.*)", optstring)
     if not match:
         ui.warn(_("Invalid add property syntax. See 'hg help cedit'.\n"))
     with the section, e.g. ui.username
     secmatch ="^\s*([\w\-<>]+)\s*$", delstring)
-    propmatch ="^\s*([\w\-<>]+)\.([\w\-<>]+)\s*$", delstring)
+    propmatch ="^\s*([\w\-<>]+)\.([\w\-<>\.]+)\s*$", delstring)
     if secmatch:
         sec =
         for path in paths: