Devin Silvia committed 4be79bb

minor modifications to plotting script and number of time steps allowed.

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         mpl.rc('axes', labelsize=18)
         # plot the time evolution of a species for a given T
+        fig = plt.figure(1, dpi=100)
+        fig.set_size_inches(12,6)
         i = 0
         for s in sorted(self.species):
             if s != 'ge':
         plt.ylim(1e-8, 2e7)
-        leg = plt.legend(loc = 'best', ncol=2)
-        leg.legendPatch.set_alpha(0.8)
+        ax = plt.axes()
+        box = ax.get_position()
+        ax.set_position([box.x0 - 0.05, box.y0, box.width * 0.9, box.height * 1.1])
+        leg = plt.legend(loc='upper left', bbox_to_anchor=(1.0, 1.0), ncol=2)
+        #leg = plt.legend(loc = 'best', ncol=2)
+        # leg.legendPatch.set_alpha(0.8)
         plt.savefig("%s_time.png" % (self.network_name))
         mpl.rcParams['axes.color_cycle'] = [list(clr) for clr in,1,(self.nspecies)))]


         if (rv == 0) {
-	    if (siter == 99999) break;
+	    if (siter == 9999) break;
             fprintf(stderr, "Successful Iteration[%d]: %0.16g / %0.16g\n",
                      siter, dt, dtf);
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