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This is the Dengo package, designed to be a meta-solver for chemical reaction
networks and cooling processes.  The purpose of this is to provide a simple and
maintainable way of defining microphysical solvers for updating the chemical
and thermodynamic state of fluids in astrophysical simulations.  It has been
designed to output a C solver which can call external solver libraries, as well
as affiliated reaction rate tables.

For more information, please contact the authors:

    Matthew Turk (
    Devin Silvia (

    CHIANTI -- Atomic Database for astrophysical spectroscopy
        - Download from
	- Place in unique directory before untarring (it doesn't have a containment folder)
        - Need to set special environment variable, XUVTOP
            (example: 'setenv XUVTOP /path/to/CHIANTI' )

    ChiantiPy -- ChiantiPy is the Python interface to the CHIANTI atomic database

        - Download from
        - run 'python install' in ChiantiPy directory