Britton Smith  committed 03b594c

Adding an ignore list to make_new_tests so we can skip tests that
write out data that can't be read by yt easily. Also, changing the
test template to only test the last dataset made by the simulation.

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File run/

 import shutil, os
+# Do not run the standard tests on these test problems.
+ignore_list = ('GravityTest',)
 template = open("").read()
 for root, dirs, files in os.walk("."):
     for fn in files:
-        if fn.endswith(".enzo"):
+        if fn.endswith(".enzo") and \
+          os.path.basename(fn)[:-5] not in ignore_list:
             simname = os.path.splitext(fn)[0]
             simpath = root
             oname = os.path.join(root, "")

File run/

     yield VerifySimulationSameTest(sim)
     base_pf = sim[0]
     fields = [f for f in _base_fields if f in base_pf.h.field_list]
-    for pf in sim:
-        for test in standard_small_simulation(pf, fields): yield test
+    # Only test the last output.
+    pf = sim[-1]
+    for test in standard_small_simulation(pf, fields): yield test
 # Tests that OutputLog exists and fails otherwise
 def test_exist():