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John Wise  committed 090d4c4

Changing float to FLOAT and real to REALSUB for
RandomForcingMachNumber to agree with the definition in global_data.h.

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File src/enzo/Grid_ComputeRandomForcingFields.C

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 extern "C" void FORTRAN_NAME(turboinit)(int *rank, int *nbox,
                           float *u, float *v, float *w,
                           int *in, int *jn, int *kn,
-					int *ig, int *jg, int *kg, float * RandomMachNumber);
+					int *ig, int *jg, int *kg, FLOAT * RandomMachNumber);
 int grid::ComputeRandomForcingFields(int mode)

File src/enzo/turboinit.F

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       integer rank, nbox, in, jn, kn, ig, jg, kg
       real u(in,jn,kn), v(in,jn,kn), w(in,jn,kn)
-      real random_forcing
+      REALSUB random_forcing
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