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= Enzo Changelog =

== Version 2.1.1 ==
_Release date - Oct 27, 2011_

  * Enhancement: Test suite is now fully operational.  See run/README for more details.
  * Enhancement: The “must refine” region can move with a user-defined, time-dependent refine region (parameter RefineRegionFile and refinement option 12)
  * Bugfix: Enzo now compiles with HDF5 v1.6.x (Michael Kuhlen)
  * Bugfix: User-defined time-dependent refine region now works with code time (David Collins)
  * Bugfix: Photon timesteps no longer go to tiny numbers (~1e-20) in certain situations when using the HII-restricted timestepping algortihm.

== Version 2.1.0 ==
_Release date - Oct 17, 2011_

  * New feature: Isotropic and anisotropic heat conduction
  * New feature: X-ray ionization and heating
  * New feature: Massive black hole particles
  * New feature: Testing suite
  * New feature: Shock tracking
  * New feature: Distributed stellar feedback across multiple cells
  * Enhancement: Improved molecular hydrogen chemistry at high densities
  * Enhancement: Fourth-order accurate gravity solver
  * Enhancement: HDF5 based hierarchy file (off by default)
  * Enhancement: Dust cooling -- Molecular hydrogen formation on dust grains
  * Enhancement: Time-dependent Lyman-Werner radiation backgrounds
  * Enhancement: Type Ia SNe and planetary nebulae feedback
  * Enhancement: HLLC and HLL Riemann solvers for HD (HydroMethod=0)
  * Enhancement: HLLD Riemann solver for MHD
  * Enhancement: Improved inline analysis with yt
  * Enhancement: Simplifed multi-mesh cosmological initial conditions with inits.
  * Enhancement: Improved and expanded documentation
  * Performance improvement: Load balancing on a space-filling curve
  * Performance improvement: Parallel ray tracing
  * Performance improvement: Ray tracing load balancing
  * Changed all FORTRAN files to .F instead of .src to remove the pre-processing step.
  * Various bugfixes over the past year.