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The test_runner suite will run a series of tests with the current version of 
enzo.  It compares these new outputs against a set of existing "good" outputs 
(either from analytical solutions or from previous versions of enzo).  It 
returns how the current version of enzo performed on these tests.

You must specify a test destination directory outside of the enzo file 
structure where the tests will executed and tested.  You can also specify 
invididual test tags for choosing the tests to run.  By default, all the tests 
will be run.

In order to run the test_runner suite, go to the enzo/run subdirectory and 

Usage: python -o <TEST_DEST_DIR> --<TEST_TAG>=<TEST_TAG_VAL> 

Example: python -o ~/temp --AMR=True --Author="John Wise"

The test tags are (with defaults first followed by alternatives):

name = ''
answer_testing_script = None  `'
nprocs = 1
runtime = 'short' `medium' `long'
critical = True False
cadence = 'nightly'
hydro = False  True
mhd = False  True
gravity = False True
cosmology = False  True
chemistry = False True
cooling = False True
AMR = False True
dimensionality = 1 2 3
author = `' `John Wise'
radiation = None, `fld', `ray'
max_time_minutes = 1  

Additional flags are:
--clobber           For clobbering files in the test_dest_dir and 
                    rerunning each test from scratch. The default will not
--interleave        For copying, running, and testing each test set in order.
                    It's kind of like colate on a copy machine.  The default 
                    copies all tests, then runs them all, then tests them all.  
--repo=<enzo_dir>   To specify a repository other than the current enzo 
                    directory structure.
--machine=<machine> To specify on which machine you are running.
                    The default is local, but there are presets for kraken,
                    ranger, etc.