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Changing it -- it's not me that's doing this, it's everyone, hopefully.

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 # General information about the project.
 project = u'Enzo Infrastructure Proposals'
-copyright = u'2011, Matthew Turk'
+copyright = u'2011, The Enzo Developers'
 # The version info for the project you're documenting, acts as replacement for
 # |version| and |release|, also used in various other places throughout the
 # If true, sectionauthor and moduleauthor directives will be shown in the
 # output. They are ignored by default.
-#show_authors = False
+show_authors = True
 # The name of the Pygments (syntax highlighting) style to use.
 pygments_style = 'sphinx'
 # (source start file, target name, title, author, documentclass [howto/manual]).
 latex_documents = [
   ('index', 'EnzoInfrastructureProposals.tex', u'Enzo Infrastructure Proposals Documentation',
-   u'Matthew Turk', 'manual'),
+   u'The Enzo Developers', 'manual'),
 # The name of an image file (relative to this directory) to place at the top of
 # (source start file, name, description, authors, manual section).
 man_pages = [
     ('index', 'enzoinfrastructureproposals', u'Enzo Infrastructure Proposals Documentation',
-     [u'Matthew Turk'], 1)
+     [u'The Enzo Developers'], 1)