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 Enzo Infrastructure Proposals
+These are proposals for developing and modifying the infrastructure of Enzo.
+Please feel free to read, provide comments, and write your own proposals.
+Creating a New Proposal
+To create a new proposal, create a new subdirectory, copy ``template.rst`` to
+``index.rst`` in that subdirectory, and edit it.  Add it to the repository, and
+when the repository is next rebuilt it can be read and commented on.  Please
+don't worry too much about the markup; that can all be fixed later.
+Commenting on a Proposal
+To comment on a proposal, copy the ``comments_template.rst`` file to the
+appropriate proposal subdirectory and change its name to
+``comments_initials.rst``, where the initials are your own initials.  Edit it,
+add it to the repository, and when the HTML is next rebuilt it will be added to
+the list of comments.  Please don't worry about the markup; that can be fixed
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