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Enzo Infrastructure Proposals

These are proposals for developing and modifying the infrastructure of Enzo.

Please feel free to read, provide comments, and write your own proposals.

Creating a New Proposal

To create a new proposal, create a new subdirectory, copy template.rst to index.rst in that subdirectory, and edit it. Add it to the repository, and when the repository is next rebuilt it can be read and commented on. Please don't worry too much about the markup; that can all be fixed later.

Commenting on a Proposal

To comment on a proposal, copy the comments_template.rst file to the appropriate proposal subdirectory and change its name to comments_initials.rst, where the initials are your own initials. Edit it, add it to the repository, and when the HTML is next rebuilt it will be added to the list of comments. Please don't worry about the markup; that can be fixed later.