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+Hi there.  This is Fisheye.
+There have been a couple generations of GUIs for yt.  The first one was called
+"Reason" and depended on wxPython.  wxPython was relatively easy to install on
+most systems, but it was (and still is!) kind of a pain to program for.  It's
+still included with yt, but it's mostly bitrot and I'm not sure it's functional
+anymore.  It did some neat things -- you could draw spheres and make histograms
+from those spheres, and you could link plots and drag them around and whatnot.
+What actually ended up killing Reason was the fact that I just never used it.
+It was heavyweight, and I didn't really want to use it.
+The second generation never really made it off the ground -- I wrote about 50%
+of a "Reason v2" that was based on wxPython *or* Qt, and used Traits by
+Enthought as a backend.  It was nice, but using Traits in just a GUI setting as
+opposed to threading the entire code (something I wasn't willing to do) made it
+a bit of an awkward solution.  Still, it was able to use VTK for isocontours
+and cutting planes, which was nice.  The 2D plotting never really came up to
+Then, I made a couple tiny GUIs.  These will probably persist -- they're either
+Traits-based (like the Chaco GUI that presents a Google Maps style interface to
+the data) or GLUT-based (like the various small volume renderers and grid
+browsers and image viewers.)
+At the Enzo Workshop in 2010, Tom suggested I try to replicate the Jacques GUI
+in Python.  We looked at FLTK first, but I couldn't get it to compile, and the
+Python bindings were a little out of date.  But, Tkinter comes with Python!  It
+doesn't always build, particularly if the Tk library isn't on the system, but
+it mostly works.
+Fisheye will be very simple.  It'll do small bits and pieces, it'll be very
+stateful, and it'll try to keep it all short and sweet.  And maybe someday
+it'll be killed by Reason, when Reason can be written to have fewer
+dependencies and be more maintainable.
+For now we'll develop it outside the yt repo, so feel free to fork the
+repository and make changes and make pull requests.
+-Matt, July 2010