1. Matthew Turk
  2. grackle


Matthew Turk  committed 2d6696a

Two changes:

* Cython wrapper now lives in python/ and compiles
* Changes a_value to FLOAT and TimeFieldLastUpdated to double as well

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File src/clib/chemistry_data.h

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   int TabulatedLWBackground;
   float RadiationFieldRedshift;
-  FLOAT TimeFieldLastUpdated;
+  double TimeFieldLastUpdated;
   int  RadiationShield;
   /* Frequency dependant information (constant). */

File src/clib/initialize_cloudy_data.C

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 // Initialize Cloudy cooling data
 int initialize_cloudy_data(chemistry_data &my_chemistry,
-                           code_units &my_units, FLOAT a_value)
+                           code_units &my_units, double a_value)
   int q, w;