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David Carr  committed 8d2238c

bbcreate: only say you're about to clone when you really will

This change fixes two bugs in bbcreate.
- If noclone was specified, it would display the message
"repository created, cloning...", even though it wasn't cloning
- If private was specified, it wouldn't clone (regardless of whether you
specified noclone or not

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     _bb_apicall(ui, 'repositories', data)
     # if this completes without exception, assume the request was successful,
     # and clone the new repo
-    ui.write('repository created, cloning...\n')
-    if opts['noclone'] or opts['private']: return
-    commands.clone(ui, 'bb://' + reponame)
+    if opts['noclone']:
+        ui.write('repository created\n')
+    else:
+        ui.write('repository created, cloning...\n')
+        commands.clone(ui, 'bb://' + reponame)
 def bb_followers(ui, repo, **opts):
     '''list all followers of this repo at bitbucket