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hgbb / hgbb.py

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# bitbucket.org mercurial extension
# Copyright (c) 2009, 2010, 2011 by Armin Ronacher, Georg Brandl.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
# the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
# Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later
# version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
# FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more
# details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
# this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin
# Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
"""convenient access to bitbucket.org repositories and features

This extension has two purposes:

- access bitbucket repositories via short URIs like ``bb:[name/]repo``
- conveniently do several bitbucket.org operations on the command line

The ``lxml`` module is required for operations that need to scrape pages
from bitbucket.org (currently bbforks).


    username = your bitbucket username
    password = your bitbucket http password for http (otherwise you'll be asked)
    default_method = the default checkout method to use (ssh or http)

There is one additional configuration value that makes sense only in
repository-specific configuration files::

    ignore_forks = comma-separated list of forks you'd like to ignore in bbforks

The forks are given by bitbucket repository names (``username/repo``).

Implemented URL schemas, usable instead of ``https://bitbucket.org/...``:

    clones your own "repo" repository, checkout via default method
    clones the "repo" repository by username, checkout via default method
    clones your own "repo" repository, checkout via http
    clones the "repo" repository by username, checkout via http
    clones your own "repo" repository, checkout via ssh
    clones the "repo" repository by username, checkout via ssh

Note: you can omit the two slashes (e.g. ``bb:user/repo``) when using the
URL on the command line.  It will *not* work when put into the [paths]
entry in hgrc.

from mercurial import hg, url, commands, sshrepo, httprepo, util, \
     error, extensions

import os
import base64
import urllib
import urllib2
import urlparse
import json

# utility functions

def get_username(ui):
    """Return the bitbucket username or guess from the login name."""
    username = ui.config('bb', 'username', None)
    if username:
        return username
    import getpass
    username = getpass.getuser()
    ui.status('using system user %r as username' % username)
    return username

def parse_repopath(path):
    if '://' in path:
        parts = urlparse.urlsplit(path)
        # http or ssh full path
        if parts[1].endswith('bitbucket.org'):
            return parts[2].strip('/')
        # bitbucket path in schemes style (bb://name/repo)
        elif parts[0].startswith('bb'):
            # parts[2] already starts with /
            return ''.join(parts[1:3]).strip('/')
    # bitbucket path in hgbb style (bb:name/repo)
    elif path.startswith('bb:'):
        return path[3:]
    elif path.startswith('bb+') and ':' in path:
        return path.split(':')[1]

def get_bbreponame(ui, repo, opts):
    reponame = opts.get('reponame')
    constructed = False
    if not reponame:
        # try to guess from the "default" or "default-push" repository
        paths = ui.configitems('paths')
        for name, path in paths:
            if name == 'default' or name == 'default-push':
                reponame = parse_repopath(path)
                if reponame:
            # guess from repository pathname
            reponame = os.path.split(repo.root)[1]
        constructed = True
    if '/' not in reponame:
        reponame = '%s/%s' % (get_username(ui), reponame)
        constructed = True
    # if we guessed or constructed the name, print it out for the user to avoid
    # unwanted surprises
    if constructed:
        ui.status('using %r as repo name\n' % reponame)
    return reponame

# bb: schemes repository classes

class bbrepo(object):
    """Short URL to clone from or push to bitbucket."""

    def __init__(self, factory, url):
        self.factory = factory
        self.url = url

    def instance(self, ui, url, create):
        scheme, path = url.split(':', 1)
        # strip the occasional leading // and
        # the tailing / of the new normalization
        path = path.strip('/')
        username = get_username(ui)
        if '/' not in path:
            path = username + '/' + path
        password = ui.config('bb', 'password', None)
        if password is not None:
            auth = '%s:%s@' % (username, password)
            auth = username + '@'
        formats = dict(
            path=path.rstrip('/') + '/',
        return self.factory(ui, self.url % formats, create)

class auto_bbrepo(object):
    def instance(self, ui, url, create):
        method = ui.config('bb', 'default_method', 'https')
        if method not in ('ssh', 'http', 'https'):
            raise util.Abort('Invalid config value for bb.default_method: %s'
                             % method)
        if method == 'http':
            method = 'https'
        return hg.schemes['bb+' + method].instance(ui, url, create)

def list_forks(reponame):
        from lxml.html import parse
    except ImportError:
        raise util.Abort('lxml.html is (currently) needed to run bbforks')

        tree = parse(urllib.urlopen('https://bitbucket.org/%s/descendants/' % reponame))
    except IOError, e:
        raise util.Abort('getting bitbucket page failed with:\n%s' % e)

        forklist = tree.findall('//dd[@class="name"]')
        # Item 0 is a link to the user profile and item 1 is the link to the
        # forked repo.
        urls = [a.findall("a")[1].attrib['href'][:-9] for a in forklist]
        if not urls:
            return []
    except Exception, e:
        raise util.Abort('scraping bitbucket page failed:\n' + str(e))

    forks = [urlparse.urlsplit(url)[2][1:] for url in urls]
    return forks

# new commands

FULL_TMPL = '''\xff{rev}:{node|short} {date|shortdate} {author|user}: \

def bb_forks(ui, repo, **opts):
    '''list all forks of this repo at bitbucket

    An explicit bitbucket reponame (``username/repo``) can be given with the
    ``-n`` option.

    With the ``-i`` option, check each fork for incoming changesets.  With the
    ``-i -f`` options, also show the individual incoming changesets like
    :hg:`incoming` does.

    reponame = get_bbreponame(ui, repo, opts)
    ui.status('getting descendants list\n')
    forks = list_forks(reponame)
    if not forks:
        ui.status('this repository has no forks yet\n')
    # filter out ignored forks
    ignore = set(ui.configlist('bb', 'ignore_forks'))
    forks = [name for name in forks if name not in ignore]

    hgcmd = None
    if opts.get('incoming'):
        hgcmd, hgcmdname = commands.incoming, "incoming"
    elif opts.get('outgoing'):
        hgcmd, hgcmdname = commands.outgoing, "outgoing"
    if hgcmd:
        templateopts = {'template': opts.get('full') and FULL_TMPL or '\xff'}
        for name in forks:
            ui.status('looking at %s\n' % name)
                ui.quiet = True
                    hgcmd(ui, repo, 'bb://' + name, bundle='',
                          force=False, newest_first=True,
                    ui.quiet = False
                    contents = ui.popbuffer(True)
            except (error.RepoError, util.Abort), msg:
                ui.warn('Error: %s\n' % msg)
                if not contents:
                number = contents.count('\xff')
                if number:
                    ui.status('%d %s changeset%s found in bb://%s\n' %
                              (number, hgcmdname, number > 1 and 's' or '', name),
                ui.write(contents.replace('\xff', ''), label='log.changeset')
        for name in forks:
            ui.status('bb://%s\n' % name)
            #json = urllib.urlopen(
            #    'http://api.bitbucket.org/1.0/repositories/%s/' % name).read()

def _bb_apicall(ui, endpoint, data, use_pass = True):
    uri = 'https://api.bitbucket.org/1.0/%s/' % endpoint
    # since bitbucket doesn't return the required WWW-Authenticate header when
    # making a request without Authorization, we cannot use the standard urllib2
    # auth handlers; we have to add the requisite header from the start
    if data is not None:
        data = urllib.urlencode(data)
    req = urllib2.Request(uri, data)
    #ui.status("Accessing %s" % uri)
    if use_pass:
        # at least re-use Mercurial's password query
        passmgr = url.passwordmgr(ui)
        passmgr.add_password(None, uri, get_username(ui), '')
        upw = '%s:%s' % passmgr.find_user_password(None, uri)
        req.add_header('Authorization', 'Basic %s' % base64.b64encode(upw).strip())
    return urllib2.urlopen(req).read()

def bb_create(ui, reponame, **opts):
    """Create repository on bitbucket"""
    data = {
        'name': reponame,
        'description': opts.get('description'),
        'language': opts.get('language'),
        'website': opts.get('website'),
        'is_private': opts.get('private'),
        'scm': 'hg',
    _bb_apicall(ui, 'repositories', data)
    # if this completes without exception, assume the request was successful,
    # and clone the new repo
    if opts['noclone']:
        ui.write('repository created\n')
        ui.write('repository created, cloning...\n')
        commands.clone(ui, 'bb://' + reponame)

def bb_followers(ui, repo, **opts):
    '''list all followers of this repo at bitbucket

    An explicit bitbucket reponame (``username/repo``) can be given with the
    ``-n`` option.
    reponame = get_bbreponame(ui, repo, opts)
    ui.status('getting followers list\n')
    retval = _bb_apicall(ui, 'repositories/%s/followers' % (reponame),
                         None, False)
    followers = json.loads(retval)
    ui.write("List of followers:\n")
    encode = lambda t: t.encode('utf-8') if isinstance(t, unicode) else t
    for follower in sorted(followers.get(u'followers', [])):
        ui.write("    %s (%s %s)\n" % tuple(map(encode, (

def bb_link(ui, repo, filename=None, **opts):
    '''display a bitbucket link to the repository, or the the specific file if given'''
    # XXX: might not work on windows, because it uses \ to separate paths
    lineno = opts.get('lineno')
    reponame = get_bbreponame(ui, repo, opts)
    nodeid = str(repo[None])
    if nodeid.endswith('+'):
        # our wc is dirty, just take the node id and be happy
        nodeid = nodeid[:-1]
    if filename:
        path = os.path.relpath(filename, repo.root)
        path = ''
    url = 'http://bitbucket.org/%s/src/%s/%s'
    url = url % (reponame, nodeid, path)
    if lineno != -1:
        url += '#cl-' + str(lineno)
    ui.write(url + '\n')

def clone(orig, ui, source, dest=None, **opts):
    if source[:2] == 'bb' and ':' in source:
        protocol, rest = source.split(':', 1)
        if rest[:2] != '//':
            source = '%s://%s' % (protocol, rest)
    return orig(ui, source, dest, **opts)

def uisetup(ui):
    extensions.wrapcommand(commands.table, 'clone', clone)

hg.schemes['bb'] = auto_bbrepo()
hg.schemes['bb+http'] = bbrepo(
    httprepo.instance, 'https://%(auth)sbitbucket.org/%(path)s')
hg.schemes['bb+https'] = bbrepo(
    httprepo.instance, 'https://%(auth)sbitbucket.org/%(path)s')
hg.schemes['bb+ssh'] = bbrepo(
    sshrepo.sshrepository, 'ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/%(path)s')

cmdtable = {
         [('n', 'reponame', '',
           'name of the repo at bitbucket (else guessed from repo dir)'),
          ('i', 'incoming', None, 'look for incoming changesets'),
          ('o', 'outgoing', None, 'look for outgoing changesets'),
          ('f', 'full', None, 'show full incoming info'),
         'hg bbforks [-i/-o [-f]] [-n reponame]'),
         [('d', 'description', '', 'description of the new repo'),
          ('l', 'language', '', 'programming language'),
          ('w', 'website', '', 'website of the project'),
          ('p', 'private', None, 'is this repo private?'),
          ('n', 'noclone', None, 'skip cloning?'),
         'hg bbcreate [-d desc] [-l lang] [-w site] [-p] [-n] reponame'),
         [('n', 'reponame', '',
           'name of the repo at bitbucket (else guessed from repo dir)'),
         'hg bbcreate [-d desc] [-l lang] [-w site] reponame'),
         [('l', 'lineno', -1, 'line number')],
         'hg bblink [-l lineno] filename'),

commands.norepo += ' bbcreate'