nibblonia /

from mpi4py import MPI
print MPI
from yt.mods import *
import glob

fns = list(sorted(glob.glob("ic.enzo_full/RD001[6-9]/RD001[6-9].hierarchy")
                + glob.glob("ic.enzo_full/RD002[0-4]/RD002[0-4].hierarchy")))
ds = TimeSeriesData.from_filenames(fns)
for d in ds:
    halos = amods.halo_finding.parallelHF(d)
    halos.write_out("ic.enzo_full/%s.hop" % d)
    halos.write_particle_lists("ic.enzo_full/%s.particles" % d)
    for halo in halos:
        print "TOTAL MASS: %0.3e, %s" % (
            halo.total_mass(), halo.center_of_mass())
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