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Adding PDF writing support. Moving surface generation into an abstract

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-output = backends.PNGWriter("output/slide_%04i.png")
+#output = backends.PNGWriter("output/slide_%04i.png")
+output = backends.PDFWriter("output/output.pdf")
 output.interactor = EnterKeyPresser()


 from .backend_base import BackendBase
 from .png_writer import PNGWriter
+from .pdf_writer import PDFWriter


     interactor = None
+    @abc.abstractproperty
+    def surface(self):
+        pass
     def draw(self, slide, i):
         if self.interactor is not None: self.interactor.wait(i)
-        surface = cairo.ImageSurface(cairo.FORMAT_ARGB32, 1024, 768)
+        surface = self.surface
         context = cairo.Context(surface)
         return surface


+import cairo
+from .backend_base import BackendBase
+class PDFWriter(BackendBase):
+    _surface = None
+    def __init__(self, filename = "output.pdf"):
+        self.filename = filename
+    def draw(self, slide, i):
+        surface = BackendBase.draw(self, slide, i)
+        surface.flush()
+    @property
+    def surface(self):
+        if self._surface is None:
+            self._surface = cairo.PDFSurface(self.filename, 1024, 768)
+        else:
+            self._surface.show_page()
+        return self._surface


+import cairo
 from .backend_base import BackendBase
 class PNGWriter(BackendBase):
     def draw(self, slide, i):
         surface = BackendBase.draw(self, slide, i)
         surface.write_to_png(self.format_string % i)
+    @property
+    def surface(self):
+        return cairo.ImageSurface(cairo.FORMAT_ARGB32, 1024, 768)
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