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" Vim color file
" Original Maintainer: Anders Korte <>

"    Modified: by entheon <>
" Last Change: 13 Sept 2005

" Gardener v1.1
" A modification of the Guardian colorscheme v1.2

"   'For code surgeons and web gardeners everywhere'

" A nice earthy  color scheme which is easy on  the eyes. It
" has  as it's  base a  dark background  monocrhomatic khaki
" scheme with dabs of color thrown  in here and there on the
" keywords. Plus  lots of  extra config  options so  you can
" tweak  it to  your liking  and or  make it  more like  the
" original Guardian scheme. All the defaults are what I like
" but if you want to change stuff just set the right var and
" it will change pretty much  immediately, you might have to
" move out of and back into your buffer for it to refresh.

" Features:
"   256 Color XTerm Compatibility
"   Richer Syntax
"   Black Background
"   Functions
"   No Italics
"   Purple Booleans
"   Swapped Status Line Colors
"   Other minor tweaks

" Change Log:
"   changed the  ghastly puke  salmon red  to green  like it
"   should have been in the  first place esp considering the
"   name  Gardener, now  all  vimsters can  truly frolic  in
"   their Vim Gardens

" Options:
"   g:gardener_light_comments
"       if  this var  exists then  comments are  white on  a
"       gray-blue  background  if it  is  not  set then  the
"       comments default  to medium grey with  no background
"       color, I can't stand bg colors but some people might
"       like it, so I left it as an option.
"   g:gardener_soil
"       This  is a  GUI  only option  because  there are  no
"       colors that work  even in the 256  color XTerm. This
"       option gives you a  brownish background instead of a
"       black background. I think the black background gives
"       better contrast and thus is  easier to read from. if
"       you disagree then you've got this option
"   g:gardener_setnum
"       turns the background of the line numbers black

" Using The Options:
"       To enable a feature add the line
"           let g:gardenter_some_feature=1
"       to your ~/.vimrc 
"       To disable the feature temporarily run the command
"           :unlet g:gardener_some_feature
"       To  disable the  feature permanently,  simply remove
"       the line from your .vimrc file.

set background=dark
hi clear
syntax reset

if has("gui_running")

" Colors for the User Interface.
    if exists("g:gardener_setnum")
        hi linenr           guibg=black       guifg=#808080    gui=bold
        hi linenr           guibg=#262626     guifg=#808080    gui=bold

    hi Cursor           guibg=#cc4455     guifg=white      gui=bold 
    hi link             CursorIM Cursor
    if exists("g:gardener_soil")
        hi Normal           guibg=#332211     guifg=white      gui=none 
        hi Normal           guibg=black       guifg=white      gui=none 
    hi NonText          guibg=#445566     guifg=#ffeecc    gui=bold 
    hi Visual           guibg=#557799     guifg=white      gui=none 

    hi Directory        guibg=bg	      guifg=#337700    gui=none

    hi IncSearch        guibg=#0066cc     guifg=white      gui=none
    hi link Seach       IncSearch

    hi SpecialKey       guibg=bg	      guifg=fg         gui=none 
    hi Titled           guibg=bg	      guifg=fg         gui=none 

    hi ErrorMsg         guibg=bg	      guifg=#ff0000    gui=bold 
    hi ModeMsg          guibg=bg	      guifg=#ffeecc    gui=none 
    hi link	            MoreMsg           ModeMsg
    hi Question         guibg=bg	      guifg=#ccffcc    gui=bold 
    hi link	            WarningMsg        ErrorMsg

    hi StatusLineNC     guibg=#ffeecc	  guifg=black	   gui=none 
    hi StatusLine       guibg=#cc4455	  guifg=white	   gui=bold 
    hi VertSplit        guibg=#ffeecc	  guifg=black	   gui=none 

    hi DiffAdd          guibg=#446688     guifg=fg	       gui=none 
    hi DiffChange       guibg=#558855     guifg=fg	       gui=none 
    hi DiffDelete       guibg=#884444     guifg=fg	       gui=none 
    hi DiffText         guibg=#884444     guifg=fg	       gui=bold 

    " Colors for Syntax Highlighting.
    if exists("g:gardener_light_comments")
        hi Comment          guibg=#334455     guifg=#dddddd    gui=none 
        hi Comment          guibg=bg          guifg=#888888    gui=none    

    hi Define	        guibg=bg          guifg=#66ccdd    gui=bold
    hi Conditional      guibg=bg          guifg=#aadd55    gui=bold

    hi Constant         guibg=bg          guifg=white	   gui=bold    
    hi Identifier       guibg=bg          guifg=#ffddaa    gui=none    
    hi String           guibg=bg          guifg=#ffffcc    gui=none    
    hi Character        guibg=bg          guifg=#ffffcc    gui=bold    
    hi Number           guibg=bg          guifg=#bbddff    gui=bold    
    hi Boolean          guibg=bg          guifg=#ff55ff    gui=bold    
    hi Float            guibg=bg          guifg=#bbddff    gui=bold    

    hi Function         guibg=bg          guifg=#ffffaa    gui=bold    
    hi Statement        guibg=bg          guifg=#ffffcc    gui=bold    

    hi Repeat           guibg=bg          guifg=#ff9900    gui=bold    
    hi Label            guibg=bg          guifg=#ffccff    gui=bold    
    hi Operator         guibg=bg          guifg=#cc9966    gui=bold    
    hi Keyword          guibg=bg          guifg=#66ffcc    gui=bold    
    hi Exception        guibg=bg          guifg=#66ffcc    gui=bold    

    hi PreProc	        guibg=bg          guifg=#ffcc99    gui=bold    
    hi Include	        guibg=bg          guifg=#99cc99    gui=bold    
    hi link Macro	  Include
    hi link PreCondit Include

    hi Type		        guibg=bg	      guifg=#ccffaa    gui=bold    
    hi Structure	    guibg=bg	      guifg=#99ff99    gui=bold    
    hi Typedef	        guibg=bg	      guifg=#99cc99    gui=italic  

    hi StorageClass	    guibg=bg	      guifg=#99cc99    gui=bold    
    hi Special	        guibg=bg	      guifg=#bbddff	   gui=bold    
    hi SpecialChar	    guibg=bg	      guifg=#bbddff	   gui=bold    
    hi Tag		        guibg=bg	      guifg=#bbddff	   gui=bold    
    hi Delimiter	    guibg=bg	      guifg=fg	       gui=bold    
    hi SpecialComment   guibg=#334455     guifg=#dddddd	   gui=italic  
    hi Debug	        guibg=bg          guifg=#ff9999	   gui=none    

    hi Underlined       guibg=bg          guifg=#99ccff    gui=underline

    hi Title            guibg=#445566     guifg=white	   gui=bold    
    hi Ignore           guibg=bg	      guifg=#cccccc    gui=italic  
    hi Error            guibg=#ff0000     guifg=white	   gui=bold    
    hi Todo	            guibg=#556677     guifg=#ff0000    gui=bold    

    hi htmlH1           guibg=bg          guifg=#ffffff    gui=bold
    hi htmlH2           guibg=bg          guifg=#dadada    gui=bold
    hi htmlH3           guibg=bg          guifg=#c6c6c6    gui=bold
    hi htmlH4           guibg=bg          guifg=#b2b2b2    gui=bold
    hi htmlH5           guibg=bg          guifg=#9e9e9e    gui=bold
    hi htmlH6           guibg=bg          guifg=#8a8a8a    gui=bold

" Colors for the User Interface.

    if exists("g:gardener_setnum")
        exec "hi linenr     cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=235   ctermbg=244"
        exec "hi linenr     cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=244   ctermbg=235"

    exec "hi Cursor         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=167"
    exec "hi CursorIM       cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=167"

    exec "hi Normal         cterm=NONE   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=233"
    exec "hi NonText        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=230   ctermbg=60"
    exec "hi Visual         cterm=NONE   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=68"

    exec "hi Linear         cterm=NONE   ctermfg=248   ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Directory      cterm=NONE   ctermfg=64    ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi IncSearch      cterm=NONE   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=25"

    exec "hi ErrorMsg       cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=196   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi WarningMsg     cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=196   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi ModeMsg        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=230   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi MoreMsg        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=230   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Question       cterm=NONE   ctermfg=194   ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi StatusLineNC   cterm=NONE   ctermfg=16    ctermbg=229"
    exec "hi StatusLine     cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=167"
    exec "hi VertSplit      cterm=NONE   ctermfg=16    ctermbg=229"

    exec "hi DiffAdd        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=60"
    exec "hi DiffAdd        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=65"
    exec "hi DiffAdd        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=95"
    exec "hi DiffAdd        cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=95"

    " Colors for Syntax Highlighting.
    if exists("g:gardener_light_comments")
        exec "hi Comment        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=253   ctermbg=60"
        exec "hi Comment        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=244   ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Constant       cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi String         cterm=NONE   ctermfg=230  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Character      cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=230  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Number         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=153  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Boolean        cterm=NONE   ctermfg=207  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Float          cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=153  ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Identifier     cterm=NONE   ctermfg=223  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Function       cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=229  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Statement      cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=230  ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Define         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=68  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Conditional    cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=149  ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Repeat         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=208  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Label          cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=225  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Operator       cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=173  ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Keyword        cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=86   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Exception      cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=86   ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi PreProc        cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=222   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Include        cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=114   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Macro          cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=114   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi PreCondit      cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=114   ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Type           cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=193   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi StorageClass   cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=78    ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Structure      cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=114   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Typedef        cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=114   ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Special        cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=153   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi SpecialChar    cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=153   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Tag            cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=153   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Delimiter      cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi SpecialComment cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=253   ctermbg=24"
    exec "hi Debug          cterm=NONE   ctermfg=210   ctermbg=NONE"

    exec "hi Title          cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=60"
    exec "hi Ignore         cterm=NONE   ctermfg=251   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi Error          cterm=NONE   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=196"
    exec "hi Ignore         cterm=NONE   ctermfg=196   ctermbg=60"

    exec "hi htmlH1         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=255   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi htmlH2         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=253   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi htmlH3         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=251   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi htmlH4         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=249   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi htmlH5         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=247   ctermbg=NONE"
    exec "hi htmlH6         cterm=BOLD   ctermfg=245   ctermbg=NONE"

" And finally.

let g:colors_name = "gardener"
let colors_name   = "gardener"