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Adding note about unified repository.

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             <div class="row">
+              <div class="span12 alert-message warning">
+                A <a
+                href="">unified repository</a>
+                has been created that points to all the individual talk repositories.
+                Cloning it will obtain all of those talk repositories:<br/>
+                <div class="row">
+                  <div class="span1">&nbsp;</div>
+                  <div class="span11">
+                      <tt>$ hg clone</tt>
+                  </div>
+                </div>
+              </div>
+            </div>
+            <div class="row">
               <div class="span1">&nbsp;</div>
               <div class="span11">
                 <!-- DAY ONE -->
                       <td>Cameron Hummels</td>
                       <td>Beginning Volume Rendering<br/>
-			<a href="">Slides</a>,
+			<a href="">Slides</a>,
 			<a href="">Repository</a></td>
                       <td>Cameron Hummels</td>
                       <td>What We Aren't Showing You<br/>
 			<a href="">Slides</a>,
-			<a href="">Repository</a></td>
+			<a href="">Repository</a></td>
                       <td>Sam Skillman</td>