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     _frb_generator = FixedResolutionBuffer
     def __init__(self, pf, axis, fields, center='c', width=None, axes_unit=None,
-                 weight_field=None, max_level=None, origin='center-window', fontsize=15):
+                 weight_field=None, origin='center-window', fontsize=15):
         r"""Creates a projection plot from a parameter file
         Given a pf object, an axis to project along, and a field name
              the center of the plot window.
         weight_field : string
              The name of the weighting field.  Set to None for no weight.
-        max_level: int
-             The maximum level to project to.
         fontsize : integer
              The size of the fonts for the axis, colorbar, and tick labels.
         (bounds, center, units) = GetWindowParameters(axis, center, width, pf)
         if axes_unit is None  and units != ('1', '1'):
             axes_unit = units
-        proj = pf.h.proj(fields, axis, weight_field=weight_field,max_level=max_level,center=center)
+        proj = pf.h.proj(fields, axis, weight_field=weight_field, center=center)
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