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Sam Leitner  committed 649fe82

fix to iterating pos if dimensions are not all the same.

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File yt/geometry/selection_routines.pyx

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 import numpy as np
 cimport numpy as np
 cimport cython
-from stdlib cimport malloc, free
+from libc.stdlib cimport malloc, free
 from fp_utils cimport fclip, iclip
 from cython.parallel import prange, parallel, threadid
 from selection_routines cimport SelectorObject
                         pos, dds, mask)
-                    pos[2] += dds[2]
-                pos[1] += dds[2]
-            pos[0] += dds[2]
+                    pos[2] += dds[2] 
+                pos[1] += dds[1]
+            pos[0] += dds[0] 
         return mask.astype("bool")