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+yt Bootcamp
+We have been developing a sequence of materials that can be run in the IPython
+notebook that walk through how to look at data and how to operate on data.
+These are not meant to be detailed walkthroughs, but simply short
+introductions.  Their purpose is to let you explore, interactively, some common
+operations that can be done on data with yt!
+To get started with the bootcamp, you need to download the repository and start
+the IPython notebook.  The easiest way, if you have mercurial installed, to get
+the repository is to:
+.. code-block:: bash
+   hg clone
+If you don't, you can download it from `here
+Now you can start the IPython notebook and begin:
+.. code-block:: bash
+   cd bootcamp2012
+   yt notebook
+This command will give you information about the Notebook Server and how to
+access it.  Once you have done so, choose "Introduction" from the list of
+notebooks, which includes an introduction and information about how to download
+the sample data.
+.. warning:: The pre-filled out notebooks are *far* less fun than running them
+             yourselves!  Check out the repo and give it a try.
+Here are the notebooks, which have been filled in for inspection:
+  * `Introduction <>`_
+  * `Data Inspection <>`_
+  * `Simple Visualization <>`_
+  * `Data Objects and Time Series <>`_
+  * `Derived Fields and Profiles <>`_
+  * `Volume Rendering <>`_
+Let us know if you would like to contribute other example notebooks, or have
+any suggestions for how these can be improved.

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        <td width="75%">
-         <p class="linkdescr">Quickly get up and running with yt: zero to sixty.</p>
+         <p class="linkdescr">Quickly get up and running with yt: zero to
+         sixty. (For sixty to seventy, see <a href="bootcamp.html">the
+         bootcamp!</a>)</p>
+   bootcamp