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A few notes about using the IPython notebook.

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+   ipython_notebook


+IPython Notebook
+Starting with 2.4, yt ships with several functions and helpers to display
+information in the IPython web notebook.
+.. note:: The IPython necessary dependencies (0MQ, Py0MQ, Tornado and IPython)
+          come with the yt install script.  However, you should read in detail
+          the `IPython documentation
+          <>`__
+          for how to use it.
+A sample notebook, demonstrating some of the functionality of both yt 2.4 and
+the IPython notebook (as exposed through yt) can be found at
+ .
+There are two main things that yt exposes to the IPython notebook: displaying
+PlotWindow objects and displaying Volume Renderings.  Both of these are exposed
+through the ``show`` method.  For instance:
+.. code-block:: python
+   slc = SlicePlot(pf, "x", "Density")
+Or with a volume rendering, call ``show`` on the camera:
+.. code-block:: python
+   cam =[0.5, 0.5, 0.5], [0.2, 0.3, 0.4], 0.10, 1024, tf)
+In both of these cases, an image will appear in the cell output.
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