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contents = [
  ("Getting Started", [
     ("welcome/index.html", "Welcome to yt!",
      "What's yt all about?"),
     ("orientation/index.html", "yt Orientation",
      "Quickly get up and running with yt: zero to sixty."),
     ("help/index.html", "How to Ask for Help",
      "Some guidelines on how and where to ask for help with yt"),
  ("Everyday yt", [
     ("analyzing/index.html", "Analyzing Data",
      "An overview of different ways to handle and process data: loading " +
      "data, using and manipulating objects and fields, examining and " +
      "manipulating particles, derived fields, generating processed data, " +
      "time series analysis."),
     ("visualizing/index.html", "Visualizing Data",
      "An overview of different ways to visualize data: making projections, " +
      "slices, phase plots, streamlines, and volume rendering; modifying " +
      "plots; the fixed resolution buffer."),
     ("interacting/index.html", "Interacting with yt",
      "Different ways -- scripting, GUIs, prompts, explorers -- to explore " +
      "your data."),
     ("analysis_modules/index.html", "Analysis Modules",
      "Discussions of some provided procedures for astrophysical analysis " +
      "like halo finding and synthetic spectra.  Halo finding, analyzing " +
      "cosmology simulations, halo mass functions, halo profiling, light " +
      "cone generator, making absorption spectrums, star particle " +
      "analysis, two-point functions, halo merger trees, clump finding, " +
      "radial column density, exporting to sunrise.")
  ("Advanced Usage", [
     ("advanced/index.html", "Advanced yt usage",
      "Advanced topics: parallelism, debugging, ways to drive yt, " +
     ("getting_involved/index.html", "Getting Involved",
      "How to participate in the community, contribute code and share " +
  ("Reference Materials", [
     ("cookbook/index.html", "The Cookbook",
      "A bunch of illustrated examples of how to do things"),
     ("reference/index.html", "Reference Materials",
      "A list of all bundled fields, API documentation, the Change Log..."),
     ("faq/index.html", "FAQ", 
      "Frequently Asked Questions: answered for you!"),
     ("api.html", "Function and Class List",
      "Documentation and description of the functions and objects " +
      "available in yt."),
     ("changelog.html", "Changelog",
      "Changes in yt by version."),
     ("field_list.html", "Field List",
      "All the derived fields yt knows how to generate."),
     ("configuration.html", "Configuration",
      "Configuration Options in yt"),

heading_template = r"""
<table class="contentstable" align="center">

subheading_template = r"""
  <tr valign="top">
    <td width="25%%">
        <a href="%s">%s</a>
    <td width="75%%">
      <p class="linkdescr">%s</p>

t = ""
for heading, items in contents:
    s = ""
    for subheading in items:
        s += subheading_template % subheading
    t += heading_template % (heading, s)
print t