yt-rockstar / CREDITS

Full commit
YT is a group effort.

Developers:                     Matthew Turk (
                                Britton Smith (
                                Jeff Oishi (
                                Stephen Skory (
                                Sam Skillman (
                                Devin Silvia (
                                John Wise (
                                David Collins (
                                Christopher Moody (
                                Oliver Hahn (
                                John ZuHone (
                                Chris Malone (

We also include the Delaunay Triangulation module written by Robert Kern of
Enthought, the module by Trent Mick, and the progressbar module by
Nilton Volpato.  The PasteBin interface code (as well as the PasteBin itself)
was written by the Pocoo collective (  The RamsesRead++ library was
developed by Oliver Hahn.  Large parts of this code were guided by discussions
with Tom Abel, Ralf Kaehler, Mike Norman and Greg Bryan.

Thanks to everyone for all your contributions!