1. Matthew Turk
  2. yt.client


yt.client / IDEAS


We want to avoid any manual manipulation of objects.  We are necessarily
restricting what we make available to the user, as we mainly want to present
this as a visualization interface.

Parameter File Selector

We should present a set of known parameter files to the user, queried from the
parameter file store.  Only one can be in use at a time.

Data Object Selector

Typically we do not want to do this, but if we do choose to allow it, then we
can allow them in a few ways.  All data, a sphere at the center, and that's
about it.  It's unlikely that people will want something more complex.  If they
do, they should add it.

Volume Rendering

We want to only present the unified concept of a volume rendering.  So rather
than a 'camera' we just present a unified widget.  This widget includes the
gaussians or the transfer functions, the display, and the colormap.  In this
sense, we restrict again what the user can do, but this opens things up a bit
more for a simple interface.