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Don't allocate nLevel * 6

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     #Skip all the oct hierarchy data
     le     = na.zeros((nLevel,3),dtype='int64')
-    fl     = na.ones((nLevel,6),dtype='int64')
     iocts  = na.zeros(nLevel+1,dtype='int64')
     idxa,idxb = 0,0
     chunk = long(1e6) #this is ~111MB for 15 dimensional 64 bit arrays
         le[idxa:idxb,:] = data[:,1:4]
-        fl[idxa:idxb,1] = na.arange(idxa,idxb)
         #pad byte is last, LL2, then ioct right before it
         iocts[idxa:idxb] = data[:,-3] 
     #now rearrange le & fl in order of the ioct
     le = le[idx]
-    fl = fl[idx]
     #left edges are expressed as if they were on 
     #level 15, so no matter what level max(le)=2**15 
     #now read the hvars and vars arrays
     #we are looking for iOctCh
     #we record if iOctCh is >0, in which it is subdivided
-    iOctCh  = na.zeros((nLevel+1,8),dtype='bool')
+    #iOctCh  = na.zeros((nLevel+1,8),dtype='bool')
-    return le,fl,nLevel
+    return le,nLevel
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