Greg Bryan avatar Greg Bryan committed ce74854

I found that min_pos and max_pos need to be defined explicitly as floats (e.g. when left edge is exactly [0 0 0])

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 def correlate_particles(particle_ids, pf):
     # First we identify all the particles and find their maximum extent
-    min_pos = pf.domain_right_edge.copy()
-    max_pos = pf.domain_left_edge.copy()
+    min_pos = pf.domain_right_edge.copy().astype(float)
+    max_pos = pf.domain_left_edge.copy().astype(float)
     mask_to_get = na.zeros(particle_ids.size, dtype='int32')
     for g in pf.h.grids:
         if g.NumberOfParticles == 0: continue
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