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A few more items about DVCS

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 % or whatever
 \mediumslide{2009 \yt{} began using hg on top of svn, moved there full time in 2011.}
+\mediumsimple{On top of \hg{}, \yt{} hosts its repositories on BitBucket.org.}
 \item Network effect: Enzo uses it
 \item Nice and easy API
 \item Easy to learn
 \item Few dependencies
+\item Extensions!  Python!
 A complete history of the changes in a project.
-\mediumsimple{\yt{} uses \texttt{hg}, and it comes with the installation.}
+\mediumsimple{\yt{} uses \hg{}, and it comes with the installation.}
 \begin{frame}[t]{Try it:}
 \texttt{\$ cd \$YT\_DEST/src/yt-hg}\\
 \texttt{\$ hg log -r 91619245def3}
-\begin{frame}[fragile,t]{Let's try it together.}
 % Cover hg whoami and bootstrap_dev
 The command \texttt{yt bootstrap} will set up an environment.
+\item Set up an \hg{} username
+\item Set up a BitBucket.org username
+\item Set up \hg{} extensions
+\mediumsimple{Give it a shot.\\\texttt{yt bootstrap}}
-\begin{frame}[fragile, t]{Committing to yt}
+\begin{frame}[fragile,t]{Let's try it together.}
+\begin{frame}[t]{\hg{} Cheat Sheet}
+\texttt{init} & Create a new repo in current directory\\[9pt]
+\texttt{add} & Track a new file\\[9pt]
+\texttt{rm} & Remove a file from tracking \\[9pt]
+\texttt{commit} & Create a new changeset with current directory \\[9pt] 
+\texttt{update} & Change working directory to another revision \\[9pt]
+\texttt{pull} & Retrieve new changesets from repository \\[9pt]
+\texttt{push} & Share new changesets with repository \\[9pt]
+\texttt{merge} & Reduce the number of heads by one \\[9pt]