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 \mediumsimple{It turns out we can't cover everything.}
+\mediumsimple{The big takeaway:}
+\bigsimple{\yt{} is designed to ask questions of data.}
 \mediumsimple{What should you expect this week?}
 \item The small datasets are probably fine to run on your machine.
 \item \yt{} is completely self-contained, so if you want, after the workshop
 you can wipe it completely out.
+\item You can use \texttt{yt pastebin} to put stuff up and the command-line
+argument \texttt{--paste} if you run into an error.
 \begin{frame}[t]{Stuff on the Website}
 \textit{(demo time!)}
 \item Documentation
 \item Development info