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Adding datasets and ssh info

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 \item \texttt{Enzo\_64}
-\item \texttt{DD0087}
-\item \texttt{JHK-DD0030}
+\item \texttt{IsolatedGalaxy}
+\item \texttt{GalaxyClusterMerger}
+\item \texttt{GasSloshing}
+\item \texttt{RTflame}
+\item \texttt{Sedov\_3d}
+\item \texttt{WindTunnel}
+\item \texttt{enzo\_tiny\_cosmology}
 \item All available from the workshop page, with \texttt{}, but you
 should probably grab the USB stick.
 \begin{frame}[t]{Logging into Nautilus:}
-\texttt{\$ ssh}\\
-\texttt{\$ module load yt/2.3}\\
+\texttt{\$ ssh}\\
+\texttt{\$ module load yt/dev}\\
 \texttt{\$ cd ...}\\
+putty: \texttt{}
 \begin{frame}[t]{What's the best way to ``code along?"}
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