Nathan Goldbaum  committed e3eb7f5

Removing the import * from write_projection. Small adjustments to avoid errors.
eps writing is broken (something is wrong on the matplotlib end)

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File yt/visualization/

     import matplotlib
-    from ._mpl_imports import *
+    from ._mpl_imports import FigureCanvasAgg, FigureCanvasPdf, FigureCanvasPS
     # If this is rendered as log, then apply now.
     if take_log:
         suffix = '.png'
         filename = "%s%s" % (filename, suffix)
-"Saving plot %s", fn)
+"Saving plot %s", filename)
     if suffix == ".png":
         canvas = FigureCanvasAgg(fig)
     elif suffix == ".pdf":
         canvas = FigureCanvasPdf(fig)
     elif suffix in (".eps", ".ps"):
         canvas = FigureCanvasPS
-    canvas.print_figure(filename)
+    canvas.print_figure(canvas,filename)
     return filename