Matthew Turk committed 82fc0df

Echoes the old line now, as well as anything output

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                             success: function(f, a){
                                 Ext.get("output").dom.innerHTML +=
-                                '>>> ' + str(f['line']) + '<br/>'
-                              + str(a['text']) + '<br/>';
+                                '>>> ' + f.findField("line").getValue() + '<br/>'
+                              + a.result.text + '<br/>';
                             failure: function(f, a){
                                 Ext.get("output").dom.innerHTML +=
                        title: 'Output',
                        html: "",
                        id: "output",
-                    }, repl_input, {
-                        title: 'Main REPL',
-                        html: "<form action=\"\" id=\"terminal\" onsubmit=\"return false;\"> <div id='tipbar'></div> <nobr><span id='prompt'>&gt;&gt;&gt; </span><input type=\"text\" id=\"input\" size=\"60\" /></nobr></form>",
-                    },]
+                    }, repl_input, ]
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