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Adding a note about the "blocks" attribute.

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 Main Changes
-  * Data objects no longer have a ``_grids`` attribute
+  * Data objects no longer have a ``_grids`` attribute.  
   * Parallelism is restructured to iterate over chunks (decided on by the
     geometry handler) rather than grids
   * Grids do not exist outside of the grid geometry handler
+  * To specifically break backwards compatibility, a ``blocks`` property has
+    been added which will iterate and yield block-like data (i.e., grids) and
+    the mask of the blocks.  This should encompass the use case of both
+    iterating over the ``_grids`` attribute, obtaining the mask that selects
+    points inside a region, and having a 3D dataset.  This should be used
+    exceedingly rarely, but it will be implemented for all types of data.  All
+    routines that call upon ``_grids`` directly must be updated to use
+    ``blocks``.
 need to be updated, as this requires somewhat different IO systems to be in
 place.  Updating the grid patch handling will require minimal code change.
-Currently, because of how chunking is handled, ghost zones are not available.
-This is a lack of implementation, not an impossibility.
+Ghost zones have been implemented, but will require further study to ensure
+that the results are correctly being calculated.  Ghost zone-requiring fields
+are progressing.
+To accommodate situations where data objects or processing routines (not
+derived fields) require information about the shape, connectivity and masking
+of data, a ``blocks`` attribute has been implemented.  This attribute will
+yield masks of data and 3D-shaped data containers, enabling most old
+grids-using routines to work.  By focusing on blocks of data rather than grids,
+we emphasize that these may be of any size, and may also be generated rather
+than code-inherent data.