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Core Engine

The Core Engine is an extensive C++ framework based on the SDL library, currently for Windows, Linux and Android games and compatible with OpenGL (ES) 2.x, 3.x and 4.x capable hardware.

This project is under constant development, and it already provides a wide range of tools and features, solid performance, high stability, easy setup and well-written code. It is designed to be supportive, versatile and powerful, and to dynamically use efficient fallback methods where specific system features are not available.

  • System: Hardware, Window and Event Handling, Timer, Threads
  • Graphics: Camera, View Frustum and Lighting Control, Frame Buffers, Data Buffers, Models (.md3, .md5, packed), Textures (compressed), Shaders, Fonts
  • Audio: Sound Effects (.wav), Music Files (.ogg), Music Player
  • Input: Mouse, Keyboard, Joysticks/Gamepads, Touch, Haptic
  • Debug: CPU and GPU Performance Monitor, Run-Time Value and Texture Inspection, Pipeline Statistics
  • Asynchronous Resource Management (Hot-Reloading, Indirections/Proxies), Memory Management (Global Sharing, Pool Allocations, Alignment)
  • File Handling (Packaging, Mounting, Compression), HTML Log, Configuration and Language Files
  • Compile-Time Hashing, Random Numbers, Specialized Containers, General Utilities (String, Time, OS, etc.)
  • Vectors (2d, 3d, 4d/Quaternions), Matrices (2x2, 3x3, 4x4), Splines
  • Game Objects (2d, 3d), Particle System, Batching, Precise Collision Detection
  • Menu Objects (Labels, Buttons, Check Boxes, Selection Boxes, Text Boxes)