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Name Description Usage Quantity Link
Arduino Nano Arduino Nano 3.0, ATmega328 Controls the other parts of the circuits. Gets commands and processes them. 1
VOM1271 "Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver with Integrated Fast Turn-Off, Solid-State Relay" Generates the control voltage for the MOSFETS. 2
STD25NF20 Automotive-grade N-channel 200 V, 0.10 ? typ., 18 A STripFET™ low gate charge Power MOSFET in a DPAK package Act like a electronic resistence. Over the GS Voltage the resistance can be changed. Over the resistance change the current is controlled which flows through the user and throug the MOSFETs. Higher resistance more current flows through the electrodes on the skin of the user, less resistence more current flows through the MOSFETs. 4
RN4020 Bluetooth® Low Energy Module Required for the communication with mobiles and other devices. Receives the commands over Bluetooth and forwards them to the Arduino nano. 1
AD5252 Dual 256-Position I2C Nonvolatile Memory Digital Potentiometers Controls the current for the VOM1271. 1
LH1546ADF 1 Form A Solid-State Relay Act like switches. In off state the user is disconnected from the EMS circuit. In on state the user is connected to the EMS circuit. 4
15 Pin SMD female headers, 1 row, 2,54mm Used for connection between Arduino and the PCB. 2
15 Pin through hole male header, 1 row, 2,54mm Used for connection between Arduino and the PCB. 2
Resistors SMD (0.1W, Size 0805):
1,5MΩ 2
4,7kΩ for pegel conversion. Communication with the Bluetoothchip 4
2,2kΩ for pegel conversion. Communication with the Bluetoothchip 2
1kΩ Red and green LEDs series resistor, resistors for AD5252 4
470Ω Blue LEDs series resistor 1
220Ω LH1546ADF series resistor 4
Capacitors SMD (Ceramic, Size 0805):
100nf GS voltage stabilization of the MOSFETS 2
LEDs SMD (Size 0603):
Red LED Shows if channel is on. 1
Green LED Shows if channel is on. 1
Blue LED Used for Bluetoothchip Shows if a device is connected to the RN4020 1
Right angled shrouded Header 2x03 6 Positions (male) Input and Output connectors. 2
Shrouded Header 2x03 6 Positions (female) Connectors to EMS Generator and to the electrodes. 2
2mm Crimp (male) Depending on the used electrodes. Connectors to the electrodes. 4
9V Battery Snaps & Contacts For 9V Batteries. Connects the Toolkit wit a voltage source. Voltage Ratings like the Arduino (7 - 12V). 1
Wires For connections between TENS/EMS device and Toolkit and between Toolkit and electrodes
Headers Dependent on your electrodes. Wire to electrode connection