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Since mcabber version 1.0.2, all messages of a user with Adium as client have a leading "<FONT COLOR="#000000">". This can also change to for example: <FONT FACE="Helvetica" ABSZ=12 SIZE=3 COLOR="#000000"><B>bold<FONT COLOR="#000000"></B> and <I>italic<FONT COLOR="#000000"></I> And I've also seen "<BR>" in a message.

Is this a supposed behavior?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    This is a bug in Adium/Pidgin/other Libpurple clients (technically this is allowed by the OTR spec, which really makes no sense so everone else sensibly does not send HTML unless it's been negotiated by the underlying protocol). Conversations works around this by checking the client identity and having a list of broken clients that it needs to strip HTML for. It's not ideal to say the least.

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