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Issue #69 on hold

/me in loaded chat history

Anonymous created an issue

Hello, I've activated //load_logs// in my mcabber configuration and found a bug. When I (or my chat partner) type "/me ...", it is shown correctly as "02-27 12:23 --> *<nick> ...". But when I restart mcabber and look on the loaded logs, there is shown "02-27 12:20 --> /me ...". I use the latest code from mercurial on Arch Linux.

Comments (3)

  1. Mikael Berthe repo owner


    That's not really a bug, that was the intended behavior: history is loaded as-is for better performances (and history is saved as-is too). BTW, you'll have the same behavior with regular contacts (non-MUC items).

    IF you still don't like it, I can let this report open as a proposal.


  2. Anonymous

    Okay, well, it doesn't really matter for me. But maybe you can leave it open as proposal if someone else wants to add something.

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