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WADQC / Changelog



Simplified installation using wad_setup: now has to be invoked only once and database upgrades and restarting of services can be done automatically. GittHub authentication to prevent "Rate limit exceeded" is now done with Personal Access Tokens.


Fixes for wad_api not starting; fix for missing fields in automatically generated configs/metas. Updated all python packages; NOTE: WAD-QC now uses matplotlib 3.x, which requires an upgrade of most of the analysis modules.


WAD-QC 2.0


Mainly security fixes, and fixes needed for CentOS7. Added recipes for some problems mentioned in the Troubleshooting_for_Installation section.


REST interface wad_api added.

The format of the config and meta files has changed slightly, to allow for more flexible definitions of parameters and facilitating future format changes. All the old style configs and meta files will still work, but when modifying a Selector in WAD-Admin, the info field for parameters will be empty for old old style configs.

To update all installed configs and metas to the new format, the waddoctor script can be used.

workon wad2env3

waddoctor --jsonupgrade config
waddoctor --jsonupgrade meta

When updating installed factory modules, it can be that configs are required that make use of the more flexible parameter definitions of the new format. In that case the waddoctor script will not help, and you have to manually replace the configs used in the Selectors coupled to that module.


0.7.4 marks the first distributable pre-release, considered to be 'stable'. Main changes:

  • updated python packages
  • updated javascript components
  • use of plotly instead of bokeh
  • editor for json files
  • visual changes
  • more logging, more feedback
  • allow multiple postgresql clusters
  • supports Ubuntu18.04
  • fixing python packege versions


Installing this version over version 0.6.2 will break WADDashboard. In order to fix it, use the new tool waddoctor to drop the database of waddashboard (waddoctor --drop waddashboard). Next time you start WADDashboard, a new database will be created, so you have to repopulate the users and sections etc. Also the WADAdmin user credentials will be reset to default values, so change them after restarting WADAdmin.


A new tool to do some basic maintenance of the wadqc installation: upgrade wadqc database, drop databases of wadadmin and waddashboard


Fix reading of US RGB DICOM images using new pydicom 1.x


Bumped database to version 20180316. New fields for upgrading/installing factory modules from GitHub. WADAdmin users database moved into main wadqc database. WADDashboard users database moved into main wadqc database.


Duration of auto_refresh is now a user option (change it using User manager). Added menu "factory modules" for upgrading and installing factory modules from the GitHub repository. Moved some of the looks of WADAdmin to a CSS file. Several bug fixes: fixed marking of whole dcm_series as not matched in consistency while only some instances where unmatched; block delete of module if selectors still use it; delete orphaned metaconfig files when deleting a module.


Duration of auto_refresh is now a user option (change it using User manager). Mandatory log in for WADDashboard; normal users can have empty password. Restrict what groups of selectors each user can see. Subgroups are now the basic elements for displaying results: A Section gives the menu name, a Maingroup gives the submenu name and submenus are populated with Subgroups only. Subgroups consists of selectors of which the results should be displayed together. When viewing results as admin, a delete button is added (to delete the current result).