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WADQC / Developing Analysis Modules

Developing Analysis Modules

To test (the building of) Factory Modules before releasing them, can be done by making a pre-release, or by building a factory module locally and then import it manually.

Locally build Factory Modules

When importing a factory module from the repository the following takes place:

  1. First the source directory of the factory module is downloaded in a temporary folder
  2. A script is executed, that reads the manifest.json in the downloaded source folder and builds factory module in zip format
  3. The factory module in zip format is imported, and the temporary folder is deleted

If the source of the factory module is located on the development machine, and wad_qc.<version>.whl is also installed on the development machine, then the build script can also be exectuted manually to build the importable analysis module module. The script to use is located in the Tools folder -m zip -i /source/folder/manifest.json -d /destination/folder/