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WADQC / Upgrades

WAD-QC Upgrades

New versions of WAD-QC packages can be installed using wad_setup (recommended) or manually through pip. If a new format for the ModuleConfigs or the MetaConfigs is released, upgrading WAD-QC will not automatically upgrade the ModuleConfigs and MetaConfigs.

First time upgrade: backup the used recipe

For future reference it is best if you make a backup of the originally used wad_setup recipe the first time you upgrade the system:

cd $HOME
mkdir -p wad_used
cp -rn wad_setup/recipes wad_used/
cp -n wad_setup/wad_setup.log wad_used/

Upgrade with wadsetup

If you previously used wad_setup to install WAD-QC in the python virtualenv wad2env3, you can use the upgrade_only.json recipe in the new package to upgrade to a new WAD-QC release.

After upgrading, the wadservices need to be restarted for the changes to take effect; since version 2.0.10 this is done automatically. Just follow the instructions that appear after running the update script.

workon wad2env3
cd $HOME
unzip -o
cd wad_setup
./ -r recipes/upgrade_only.json

optionally followed by

wadservices -c restart

Manual upgrade

For the manual upgrade, you need to files:

  • wad_qc.<version>.whl file
  • and the accompanying requirements3.txt

Either make the .whl file yourself, or extract it from the latest release.

Here we assume that you will use a new file for these files, and that you have installed WAD-QC in the virtualenv wad2env3.

After upgrading, restart the wadservices for the changes to take effect.

workon wad2env3
cd $HOME
unzip -o
cd wad_setup
pip3 install --upgrade wad_qc.<version>.whl
pip3 install -r requirements3.txt
wadservices -c restart

Check if the WAD-QC database needs to be upgraded.

Open the WAD-Admin page: wadadmin/dbtool/dbupgrade. If the database can be upgraded, a button will appear on the dbupgrade page. After upgrading the database, restart the WAD services as shown above. Since version 2.0.10, using the upgrade_only recipe should automatically upgrade the database if needed and restart all services.

Upgrading Modules

For installing and upgrading installed factory modules, read the corresponding information in Analysis Modules.

Upgrading ModuleConfigs and MetaConfigs

When a new format for ModuleConfigs and MetaConfigs is released, the already installed ModuledConfigs and MetaConfigs can be upgraded using the waddoctor script. This script will only fix the format of the configs and metas, but it can not add new parameters.

workon wad2env3

waddoctor --upgradejson config
waddoctor --upgradejson meta

Be advised that if you update previously installed factory modules, it can be that the updated modules require new configs that make use of new parameters. In that case the waddoctor script will not help, and you have to manually replace the configs used in the Selectors coupled to that module.