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WADQC / WAD-Dashboard


WAD-Dashboard is the reporting tool for WAD-QC. It is the wed app used to inform users about the status of the machines monitored by WAD-QC.

By default WAD-Dashboard runs on port 80 (http://url-of-wadserver), but this can be configured in the installation recipe (e.g. http://url-of-wadserver:1234 for port 1234).

Grouping Hierarchy

WAD-Dashboards visualises Results of Selectors by grouping them in a certain hierarchy.


On the lowest level there are SubGroups. These combine several Selectors into one group, so that their Results show together. The intended use is to join the outcome of tests on data acquired at the same day of the same machine. This includes Selectors that work on different series of the same study, but also series of different studies.

Examples are

  • CT: QC Scans of Head and of Body
  • Bucky: Normi13 tests of table and wall stand, togther with the uniformity tests of table and wall stand.
  • MRI: PIQT test QA1, QA2, and QA3


MainGroups are just place holders that group different SubGroups together. For example, if each MRI scanner in a department is described by its own SubGroup, a MainGroup "MRI" could be made that contains all the MRI SubGroups, effectively providing an overview of all MRI scanners.


At the highest level there are Sections. These are place holders for different MainGroups. They can be used to group the all the MainGroups with machines of a certain department, or to distinguish between usage of machines.

Home Layout

WAD-Dashboard Home

The different Sections show up as the top level headings on the home page. The MainGroups are displayed as collapsible menus in the Sections. If a MainGroup is unfolded, the different SubGroups of the MainGroup are shown.

There is one special Section "Overview" which is always shown on top, and provides a link to display a one page overview of all visible SubGroups.

.User Restrictions

WAD-Dashboard Users

You can add as many users to WAD-Dashboard as you like. There are three different roles for users:

  • user: the normal user who can only look at results, but not change anything
  • key-user: a special user who can create new normal users and change the visibility of details of constraints for Results.
  • admin: administrators with full access to all functionalities
WAD-Dashboard UserGroup

Whether or not a MainGroup is visible for a certain user can and must be configured, using UserGroups on the Admin page (only accessible as admin user).

Displaying Results

WAD-Dashboard has functionality to display information as several abstract levels.

Status Page

WAD-Dashboard Status Page

First there is the Status Page, which shows for each of the included groups of test:

  • latest date: the date of the latest test, and color coded:
    • green: latest tests were acquired on time
    • red: some of the test were not acquired on time
  • latest status: described and color coded status of the latest test:
    • green: all test results are within their acceptable limits
    • orange: some of the test results are outside acceptable limits but within critical limits,
    • red: some of the test results are outside the critical limits
  • production 6m: describes how many times the group of test was done the last half year, and color coded:
    • green: the number of tests was okay
    • red: the number of tests is smaller than agreed.

NOTE: The "latest status" only looks at the constraints that are active for users of role "user"!

Clicking on a MainGroup on the home page opens a page which shows the status for each of the SubGroups of the MainGroup.

Clicking on a SubGroup on the home page opens a page which shows the status for just that SubGroup.

Results Page

WAD-Dashboard Results Page

Clicking on the name of a SubGroup or Selector in the Status Page, opens a Results Page for the latest of this group of tests. Here all the different Results of that date are shown, together with their constraints and color coded if the results comply with the constraints.

The Results of different Selectors are grouped in different tables. Using a drop-down menu on top, the Results of a different date can be selected.

Results History

WAD-Dashboard History Page

Clicking on the name of a result shown in the Results Page opens a historical page, showing either a table or graph of all the values for that result over time.

Time Line

WAD-Dashboard Time Line

On the Status Pages, a button "Time Line" is shown next to each Subgroup. Clicking that button opens a Time Line Page, showing for each period block in the last 6 months (or year, or two years) if all tests for this SubGroup were acquired on time.