Author Commit Message Date Builds
Backing out change for debugging tinderbox orange.
Landing MICROB_20070103_BRANCHThis should improve the standalone build story.Patches Wanted, Work will be on the MICROB_20070323_BRANCH
Part of Bug 374404 Don't ship WidgetStateManager as part of toolkit - make SeaMonkey use xpfe's wsm. r/sr=Neil.
Temporarily enable cycle collection timing for debug builds to figure out tinderbox orange. Will back out after qm-xserve01 tinderbox has cycled.
Relanding part of the fix for bug 372960 (Make XPConnect traverse more JS edges). r=brendan, sr=jst.
backout Bug 369168
testcase for bug #369887. r=dietrich
Update counters test results based on Windows results and better understanding of Mac failures.
Mark 2 more tests as random due to font spacing issues.
Fix misuse of terminology and improve comment.
Handle file not existing more gracefully.
Add counter tests that I wrote for bug 3247, converted to reftest format by Rob Campbell <>.
Convert system library version tests from AC_TRY_RUN to AC_TRY_COMPILE so that they work when cross-compiling. b=372878 r=bsmedberg
Add tests for bug 348516. Test 1 by <>, r=dbaron. Tests 2 and 3 by me.
Don't create duplicate pipes for objects with external debuginfo.
Bug 368152: jsregexp preprocessor-enabled "debugging" mode
fix test bustage.
Bug 374990 - Default insertion-point for a new item is passed as its default description. r=gavin.
allow DOM to unhide menus and menu items whether or not their initial state is hidden. fixes bidi menu items. b=364994 r=mano sr=roc
Bug 374944 Places toolkit tests should move into /toolkit (r=sayrer)
Bug 374937, Crashes [@ nsTypedSelection::GetFrameSelection], r+sr=roc
Bug 369168, r+sr=roc
Bug 371439 - Some old history & bookmarks frontend code is still built for places/places-bookmarks builds. r=gavin.
Bug 369150, r+sr=roc
Bug 333659. nsLineBreaker fixes. Not Part Of The Build, used by new-textframe only.
Bug 370105 - Remove ViewConfigurator and 'system-area' cruft. r=sspitzer.
updating for APNG 0.10. splitting out render_op in to dispose_op and blend_op. bug 257197. r=asmith13, sr=vlad
Bug 366479 - [mac] Copy command is broken in the JS console. r=gavin,neil. sr=neil.
Bug 373502 - Implement Fx2 style microsummary picker in the properties dialog. r=dietrich.
Bug 333659. Major new-textframe update. You can really browse the Web with it now, although major bugs remain.
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