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 * used by nsCSSFrameConstructor to determine and iterate the child list
 * used to construct frames (normal children or something from XBL)

#include "nsChildIterator.h"
#include "nsIDocument.h"
#include "nsBindingManager.h"

ChildIterator::Init(nsIContent*    aContent,
                    ChildIterator* aFirst,
                    ChildIterator* aLast)
  // Initialize out parameters to be equal, in case of failure.
  aFirst->mContent = aLast->mContent = nsnull;
  aFirst->mChild   = aLast->mChild   = nsnull;
  NS_PRECONDITION(aContent != nsnull, "no content");
  if (! aContent)

  nsIDocument* doc = aContent->GetOwnerDoc();
  NS_ASSERTION(doc, "element not in the document");
  if (! doc)
    return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

  // If this node has XBL children, then use them. Otherwise, just use
  // the vanilla content APIs.
  nsINodeList* nodes = doc->BindingManager()->GetXBLChildNodesFor(aContent);

  aFirst->mContent = aContent;
  aLast->mContent  = aContent;
  aFirst->mNodes   = nodes;
  aLast->mNodes    = nodes;

  if (nodes) {
    PRUint32 length;
    aFirst->mIndex = 0;
    aLast->mIndex = length;
  } else {
    aFirst->mChild = aContent->GetFirstChild();
    aLast->mChild = nsnull;

  return NS_OK;