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//Author: Jody McAdams
//Website: http://www.jodymcadams.com

#ifndef Emic2TextToSpeechModule_h
#define Emic2TextToSpeechModule_h

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

class Emic2TextToSpeechModule
	Emic2TextToSpeechModule(int rxPin, int txPin, int ledPin);
	void Say(const char* stringToSay);
	void SetVoice(int voiceNumber); //0 to 8
	void SetVolume(int volumeDB); //-48 to 18
	void SetSpeakingRate(int rate); //75-600 (Doesn't seem to work)
	void SetParser(int parser); //0 (DECTalk), 1 (Epson)
	void PrintAvailableCommands(); //(Doesn't seem to work)
    void SendCommand(char command, int value);
    void SendCommand(char command);
    // set up a new serial port
    SoftwareSerial* pEmicSerial;
    int ledPin;