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bug fix

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File ComponentExamples/Emic2TextToSpeechModule/Emic2TextToSpeechModule.ino

 #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
 #include <Emic2TextToSpeechModule.h>
 Emic2TextToSpeechModule* pTTS = NULL;
 void setup()  // Set up code called once on start-up
   pTTS = new Emic2TextToSpeechModule(50,51,13);
-  //pTTS->PrintAvailableCommands();
-  //pTTS->SetSpeakingRate(600);
-  pTTS->SetParser(0);
+  pTTS->SetParser(1);
-  pTTS->SetVolume(0);
-  pTTS->SetVoice(3);
-  pTTS->Say("Do you know how much I love my beiba?");
-  pTTS->SetVoice(0);
-  //pTTS->SetSpeakingRate(600);
-  pTTS->Say("/\\I really want my beiba to/\\know I __love her more than/\\>>pizza or __even videohgaymes!");
+  pTTS->SetSpeakingRate(200);
+  pTTS->SetVoice(6);
+  pTTS->Say("Hello!  I am MicroHorse version 1.0! My father is Jody McAdams.  He __keeps changing my parts but I put up with it.  After all, __what choice do I have?  Ha ha!");
 void loop()  // Main code, to run repeatedly

File Libraries/Emic2TextToSpeechModule/Emic2TextToSpeechModule..cpp

 	pEmicSerial->flush();                 // Flush the receive buffer
-void Emic2TextToSpeechModule::SendCommand(unsigned char command, int value)
+void Emic2TextToSpeechModule::SendCommand(char command, int value)
 	while (pEmicSerial->read() != ':');   // Wait here until the Emic 2 responds with a ":" indicating it's ready to accept the next command
-void Emic2TextToSpeechModule::SendCommand(unsigned char command)
+void Emic2TextToSpeechModule::SendCommand(char command)

File Libraries/Emic2TextToSpeechModule/Emic2TextToSpeechModule.h

 	void PrintAvailableCommands(); //(Doesn't seem to work)
-    void SendCommand(unsigned char command, int value);
-    void SendCommand(unsigned char command);
+    void SendCommand(char command, int value);
+    void SendCommand(char command);
     // set up a new serial port