Make everything work with opengl 3.0 since there is no way (as of 6 aug 2015) to get pygame to specify an opengl 3.3 context.

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  1. Stuart Axon
  • removed 'location' from shader params
  • changed shader version to 130

This is a real bugger, but there doesn't seem to be a good way of using opengl 3.3 with pygame and mesa.

pygame bug

You can run the examples like this:


One way of enabling 'location' might be to use the ARB - separate_shader_objects - no idea if it's possible this way or not.

Comments (3)

  1. Stuart Axon author

    I have a suspicion that glBindAttribLocation should probably be used now I've removed all the 'location's but don't know. They all seem to work, but it's worth checking.

  2. Sean McKiernan repo owner

    Hello, thanks for your interest. I don't actually use bitbucket anymore, in favor of github.
    I went ahead and made the changes to GLSL 130 in the repo here:

    I haven't really touched this project in a long time, but if you would like to try working on it more, the github repo would be the place.


  3. Stuart Axon author

    Cheers :)

    It might be worth putting a note on this repo - I also don't really use bitbucket, so only saw this today.