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-Simple client for GoogleReader and PostRank.
-Can be used as a script. After installation run
+mekk.feeds (greader2org)
+Manage Google Reader subscribtions editing the text file (org-mode
+compatible syntax). You can use it to:
+- export the list of subscribed feeds to readable text file,
+- save back to Google changes made in this file (feeds can be 
+  renamed, unsubscribed, moved to other folders)
+See doc/usage.txt for detailed information, run 
-to see the list of available commands. Read doc/usage.txt
-for details.
+for the list of available commands. 
-To use as a library, examine source code.
+See also `the project page`_.
-See also
+.. _the project page:
-Using as a script
 Initial setup