Marcin Kasperski avatar Marcin Kasperski committed 853dd33

Moving style12 parsing exception to proper file.

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 from mekk.fics.datatypes.color import Color
 from mekk.fics.datatypes.game_clock import GameClock
 from mekk.fics.datatypes.player import PlayerName
-class BadStyle12Format(Exception):
-    """Failed to parse style12 string"""
-    pass
+from mekk.fics.errors import BadStyle12Format


             self, "Couldn't parse command {0:>s} output. Problematic text:\n{1:>s}".format(
                 command, troublesome_text))
+class BadStyle12Format(FicsClientException):
+    """Failed to parse style12 string"""
+    pass
 class FicsCommandExecutionException(FicsCommandException):
     """Exception thrown in case command output indicates failure
     (for example when we try to observe private game or attempt
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