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 def parse_seek_reply(reply_text):
+    """
+    Parse output of "seek" command
+    :param reply_text: actual FICS output
+    :type reply_text: str
+    :return: seek details (or None)
+    :rtype: SeekRef
+    :raise: errors.BadFicsCommandParameters
+    """
     for good_re in re_proper_seeks:
         m =
         if m:


 def parse_who_reply(text):
+    """
+    Parse reply of `who` command (listing of players present on the site)
+    :param text: text output of the command
+    :type text: str
+    """


     def good_tell(self, who):
         Given user said sth properly.
+        :param who: player whose tell was proper
         if who in self._bad_command_count:
             del self._bad_command_count[ who ]


         :param exc: actual exception
         :type exc: Exception
-        :param stage: processing stage on which error happened: 'parse' if failure
+        :param stage: processing stage on which error happened - 'parse' if failure
             happened during parsing (error is about wrong command, wrong params etc),
             'run' if during actual processing
         :type stage: str


 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
+Import best possible OrderedDict
     from collections import OrderedDict
 except ImportError:
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