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mekk.fics is a Python access library for FICS. It can be used to write FICS bots and clients in Python. drone-badge


The code works, and is actively used, but covers only part of FICS functionality.

Core functionality (handling FICS connections, command management etc) works, is stable and have been used by WatchBot for many years.

Parsing routines (converting various FICS notifications and replies to commands) are implemented only for some commands and notifications. New parsers are mostly added on demand, whenever some new command or information turns out to be useful.

Main APIs should be stable, data structures can be modified from time to time.

Examples and documentation

In case you are not familiar with FICS programming, take a look at:

How to write a FICS bot

article series.

Next please take a look at mekk.fics examples.

All important classes and methods have docstrings.


The code is tracked using Mercurial. Repository can be cloned from

Use the same place to report bugs, suggest improvements and offer patches.


From PyPI (installing newest release):

pip install --user mekk.fics

from source (tagged release):

hg clone
hg update -r 'max(tagged())'
pip install --user .

from source, for development:

hg clone
pip install --user --edit .


mekk.fics is dual-licensed under Artistic License 2.0 and Mozilla Public License 1.1. The complete license texts can be found in Artistic-2.0.txt and MPL-1.1.txt.